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Adam is a simple puzzle game. The user is presented with a grid of colored cells. When a cell is clicked on, that cell and all neighboring cells (including diagonals) have their color toggled. The goal is to turn all cells to the same color. The package available for download is designed to run as an application in a desktop environment.


System Requirements

Generic Download

This is a plain executable JAR that can be executed as a standalone application.

Download plain JAR
  1. Download the application from the link above.
  2. Unzip the the downloaded file to obtain the JAR file.
  3. Place the file wherever you would like it to be run. (Suggestions: Desktop, memory stick, C:\Program File\, ~\games\adam, etc.)
  4. On some systems this file can be executed by double-clicking on the JAR file. To execute the jar from the command line, navigate to the location where it was installed and enter:
    java -jar adam.jar
    or, from anywhere enter:
    java -jar {path-to-file}/adam.jar